I am so excited to say that we are hosting a couple of weddings in 2018. It is such a privilege to be part of someone’s big day I can’t wait.

Weddings at Canvas and Clover and Glamping sites in general allow people to spend quality time with family and friends in a less formal setting over a couple of days creating shared experiences and memories. They allow you to have for example a ladies only pre wedding pamper party whilst the men go off quad biking or clay pigeon shooting, or a post wedding brunch with bacon baps and a family sports day.

Decor can include wild flowers, and rustic farm equipment, just look on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Canvas and Clover is a blank canvas so you can create whatever you want your day to be. We provide the accommodation but don’t dictate the food, entertainment or decorations, that’s down to you.

Happy new year!