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When I started the blog in October 2014, the title was, ‘Canvas & Clover – our journey from a beautiful field to a gorgeous glamping site’. Well in many respects the journey is over, we have had our first full season, and have created a gorgeous glamping site. We have however got loads of things we are planning to do for next season to make it bigger and better, so in many respects really, the journey has only just begun!

What have I learnt?

  1. It’s a lot of work – I really underestimated how much work is involved in cleaning the tents and sheds and making them up again for the next guests. To do one tent, or two is ok, but ten tents is a handful – more staffing is required for next year.
  2. It’s fun – I really enjoyed meeting so many lovely people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. My son loved playing football with the children, my daughter enjoyed showing guests to the tents. Fish and chips on a Saturday from the van was a much loved activity!
  3. Things go missing – Towels, washing up bowls, scissors, nothing expensive but a steady trickle of things that need replacing. I like to think that it is accidental, but a published survey of holidaymakers seems to indicate that it is not!
  4. The work doesn’t stop when the guests go – Although the last guests have left, we still need to wash, waterproof, move furniture, build bases, update the website…. the list just goes on!
  5. Believe to achieve- Many times we thought we couldn’t do it, there was so much to do it was overwhelming, it would have been so much easier to have given up but we didn’t. It taught me that we are all capable of achieving things if we work hard and persevere.


Talking of achieving, we only went and won an award as well!