When we went glamping as a family a few years ago, I was a little concerned as to how I was going to entertain the children without a TV. This probably indicates how, being a working mum with two children, I had become reliant on something to help me keep the children amused. As it happened I needn’t have worried, we played charades which the kids loved, and the kids ran around making up their own games which I loved. I made a mental note to do more of this when we returned home, and then promptly slipped back into my old lifestyle and forgot all about it.


Apart from charades (which is a great game!) here are a few more ideas of things you can do:

1.Twenty questions: If its too wet to play outside, Decide on animal, vegetable, mineral, and try and guess what the other person is thinking about. We play this just with famous people as well.

2. Next letter: Choose a subject eg animals or food, the first person names something beginning with A, the second with B and so forth. to make this a little harder, play ‘I love my love’ eg I love my love with a D because his name is David, he comes from Denmark, and I shall give him a Dalmatian.

3. Bring a pack of cards, you can either play snap with young children, construct a card tower, or learn a more tricky card game with older children.

4. Make up a story: Start off a story with a couple of sentences, then the next person along adds to the story with another sentence, and so on and so forth going round the group until you have an entire story.