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Cob is clay mixed with sand and straw, and has been used for building all over the world for centuries. I have booked Matthew Lloyd from the fabulous cob oven company (www.coboven.co.uk) to run a course at Canvas & Clover in June 2016 for anyone interested in building their own, and here’s why I think is a fab idea:

  1. It is eco-friendlyNo energy hungry cement is used in the mixture, and no machinery is required for construction. It is a sustainable method of building that connects us to our environment. The base can be made with old materials found around the farm, and recycled bottles. It also uses none fossil fuels and the wood we use is always waste product/sustainable wood.

2. It’s cheap

Green Man Cob Oven

There are a number of ready made wood fired ovens on the market for £1,500 onwards, building your own oven not only saves you a ton of money but is unique, and can be personalised to you.

3. Its tasty

clay hunt

As well as making beautiful pizza, the oven should settle to 250 degrees and hold for several hours so is perfect for roasting – chicken, fish, lamb, kebabs, the only limit is your imagination! Food cooked in a wood fired oven has a smoky flavour, crunchy topping and fluffy crust, and it cooks really quickly – pizza is done in around 2 minutes or less so no complaints of ‘when is tea ready I’m starving’!

4. Its social and fun

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A cob oven can be a focal point in a garden and a great reason to invite friends over. I think that food just tastes better when eaten outside, and outdoor cooking might even tempt my husband to get involved, as cooking in a fire is infinitely more manly than cooking in our kitchen!

So a Cob Oven is the way to go in 2016, I think Friday night is going to be pizza night from now on.