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I am always intrigued by why some people (often living in an African tribe with no possessions) are classified as being the ‘happiest’ people on the planet, yet others are desperately unhappy and don’t know why.

In a survey of British people commissioned by BUPA this year, when asked what made them ‘feel great’ a staggering 62% listed sleeping in a freshly made bed. Second (57%) was feeling the sun on your face, whilst third was simply being thanked, or kindness from a stranger. In another survey in America, 1 was walking in sunshine, 2 getting into fresh bed sheets, and 3 Going on a walk in the countryside. (Number 7 was someone pulling out of a space in a busy car park just as you arrive – a particular favourite of mine!)

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Happiness is certainly infectious, but probably a little more complicated to achieve than a clean bed. Gyles Brandreth in his book the 7 secrets of happiness points out the importance of being ‘a leaf on a tree’ = being connected to other people, and cultivating a passion – to be happy you need to find something you enjoy doing.

For me Canvas & Clover is my passion, although it takes up so much of my time the house looks like a bomb has hit it as I no longer have time to clean and tidy, I do enjoy every minute, and I am looking forward to providing freshly made beds, walks in the countryside, and (hopefully) a bit of sun so other people can feel happy too.