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I was talking to a friend at work last week who lived in Birmingham. I was telling her about Canvas & Clover, and enthusiastically describing the fun of glamping. She was really keen to come and stay, but looked a little worried. When I asked what was wrong, she said, ” It sounds fab, but what can you actually do in a field ?”

This is not an uncommon viewpoint, The Wildlife Trust, RSPB, and The National Trust all do great work in encouraging people to get outside and enjoy nature, and I have just bought a fab book from the RSPB called ‘365 outdoor activities you have to try’ which is full of great ideas, but it can be a scary prospect if you haven’t tried it before.

Here is my top five list of free things to do when glamping/camping:

1. Play games – You don’t need lots of equipment, just a bit of space. There are loads of cheap cricket/badminton kits you can buy, or you can make your own – how about skittles using plastic bottles filled with water and a tennis ball, or hoopla with the same bottles and a ring. For no equipment whatsoever how about hide and seek, or ‘field Olympics’ with three legged races, wheelbarrows, and leapfrog.

2. Scavenger Hunts – Give your kids a list of things to find such as a leaf, something red, a feather etc

3. Go wildlife hunting. We have ‘spotting books’ for people to borrow, but all you need is a pad and paper, and even better try a wildlife photo journal, and see who can take the best shot.

4. Don’t forget the night time. Most camping/glamping sites are away from cities and therefore great places to see stars. There are millions of stars here on a clear night. See if you can spot the milky way. Find a cosy spot with a blanket and see if you can see a fox or hear an owl.

5. Toast marshmallows and tell stories around the campfire/fire pit. Why not try S’mores – an American invention but it can be recreated with digestives, chocolate, and melted marshmallow in the middle.

The outdoors can be really fun with a bit of good weather and a bit of planning!