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I have just returned home from a week in Derbyshire with the family in the caravan.We had a great time,(despite some very wet weather at the start!), so why should people try the great outdoors?

1. There is no Xbox!  I have given in to the lure of Xbox and minecraft and my 7 year old son LOVES it, however, the fact that there is no Xbox on holiday is wonderful. We can interact with each other as a family, have conversations, and spend time together for a change.

2. Socialising is fun!  It isn’t compulsory, however meeting other families and sharing a joke over a campfire is a lovely way to spend an evening, in the process of entertaining the kids (as there is no Xbox!) we have made up songs, and the kids have made up games. The children making friends is fun for them, but also allows me some time off to sit back and relax!

3. Its good for your health! Being outdoors even on a cloudy day boosts the levels of vitamin D in the body which is great for bone health and preventing osteoporosis, and simple things like getting water, walking to the shower block, playing football, making a den, are all great forms of exercise.

4. Learning new stuff   Learning comes from new experiences whether that is how to light a fire, or how to identify the local wildlife, and the kids don’t even realise they are being educated!

5. It creates memories and traditions  Beautiful fields, fairy lights, fire pits, thick duvets and comfy pillows, campfire stories, marshmallows and den making. These are all things that create magical memories for life.

Now the weather is improving – sun for the first time yesterday, it was t-shirt weather! things are moving on in the glamping site, we have bought some great sheds to install cooking facilities in and have the wildflower seed for the meadow to plant.’ Canvas and Clover’ here we come!