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I had to go into Worcester today to visit the Pump House Environment centre which has advice and information about environmental issues (and a very handy filling station for Ecover products). I decided as I needed the exercise I would walk the 20 minutes from Worcester centre along the river Severn. It is rare I am not rushing places, and invariably in the car, so it was lovely to take in the fresh air, and appreciate the beauty of the City for once. Having lived in many, not so pleasant areas of the UK in the past, for once I truly appreciated my surroundings.

Meteorologically speaking, spring has begun, yeh! 1st March is the start of spring in the northern hemisphere. Astrologically speaking the March equinox occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator, and this year, in the northern hemisphere, it falls on March 20th (6.45pm!) which is not for a few weeks yet, although the shops are full of Easter eggs and bunnies so as far as they are concerned its here!

With spring coming, the Canvas and Clover opening is creeping up on me. We have bought tents, furniture, lanterns etc., but there is still so much I need to do, and so little time to do it in. Next is looking at garden sheds where we will house a mini kitchen for each of the tents, and more excitingly, looking at all the pretty pastel colours I can paint them in – pictures will follow, Just for today however, I am going to sit back and enjoy the daffodils!