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I have been thinking a bit about fires lately. The reason is mainly because for the first time this winter we have a log burner to help heat the house (as we don’t have central heating this is a welcome guest indeed!). I think its fair to say, I have never tried to light a fire before, well not one that’s intended to keep going for most of the day anyway, and my first few attempts were, well feeble if I’m to be honest. My husband on the other hand would look at my measly attempt, tut, shake his head, and go on to produce a beautiful fire with a sense of pride rarely seen with any other household task! I was given the job of ‘keeping it going’ which is a lot easier to be fair, but nonetheless a responsibility that made me a little nervous.

Campfires I think need to be a must on the glamping site – is there anything better than being wrapped in a blanket, watching the flames flickering, keeping warm as the sun goes down, toasting marshmallows, and chatting with friends and family. Not all campsites allow fires, there is always the fire safety and insurance to consider of course, but with a bit of common sense there should be no problems.


We are planning to make a bunch of fire pits from washing machine drums, which fits in with our eco friendly, upcycling ethos, keeps the fire off the field so it can be converted back to a field for grazing sheep at the end of the season, and allows a contained area for the fire which will hopefully be a safer environment. I may even give people some tips on how to start the fire – now I am a bit of an expert!